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The MIG Pulse/Multiprocess 202 is a portable, versatile and intelligent machine. This unit is capable of Pulsed MIG welding, Stick and TIG welding with a lift start. The synergistic (self-balancing) welding parameters make for a fast and accurate set up every time. This unit will also store up to 99 separate personalized welding programs. The synergistic controls combined with the ability to program job settings make this the perfect unit for students or fast paced production shops.

Available models :

MIG PULSE (Multi process) 202 SILVER PACKAGE
MIG PULSE (Multi process) 202 SILVER PACKAGE
Including MIG Gun
Part Number : PLM7580145
MSRP : $3,288.00 CAD

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MIG PULSE (Multi process) 202 GOLD PACKAGE
MIG PULSE (Multi process) 202 GOLD PACKAGE
Including MIG Gun & TIG Torch and Accessories
Part Number : PLM7580147
MSRP : $3,488.00 CAD

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  • Digital control of the welding parameters with synergic curves preset According to the type of material which you used, gas and wire diameter.
  • Tested in (104°F/40°C), designed for toughest conditions.
  • Specially designed for welding thin stainless steel and aluminum sheets without material distortion even 0.030-inch (0.76 mm) or more.
  • Ability to store personalized welding parameters up to 99 jobs.
  • Built-in- polarity changeover feature for most common gas and gasless wires.
  • Smart “PROGRAM” key for quickly selecting any program.
  • High-grade metal dual drive roll system for precise and constant wire feed that prevents bird nesting.
  • ‘Energy saving’ function to operate the power source cooling fan only when necessary.
  • 8-inch (203 mm) Wire Spool Size and optional 12-inch (305 mm).
  • VRD- Voltage Reduction Device.
  • Spool gun compatible.
  • Metal face panel.
  • Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty.

Process MIG/ Flux cored Stick Electrode
Input Voltage, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz 208 – 240 V (±10%)
Primary Current@Max Welding Current 43 A 31 A
Maximum Primary Effective Current(I1 eff max) 16.6 A 17.4 A
Technology of Adjustment(Maual / Synergic / PULSE) Manual or Synergic / PULSE
Welding Current Range 30-200 A 10-150 A
Number Of Programs 99 Programs
Insulation Class H H
Welding Current @ 100% Duty Cycle in 104° F(40° C) 90 A 90 A
Welding Current @ 60% Duty Cycle in 104° F(40° C) 105 A 105 A
Open Circuit Voltage : Volt 59 V
Output Voltage Range : Volt 15.5-24 V 20.4-26 V
Solid Steel Wire Size Range : inch(mm) 0.023-0.040 in(0.6-1 mm)  
Stainless steel Wire Size Range : inch(mm) 0.023-0.040 in(0.6-1 mm)  
Flux-cored Wire Size Range : inch(mm) 0.030-0.045 in(0.8-1.2 mm)  
Aluminum Wire Size Range : inch(mm) 0.030-0.045 in(0.8-1.2 mm)  
Max Wire Feeder speed : ipm(m/min) 630 ipm(16 m / min)  
Wire Feeder Mechanism Material Metal  
Wire Spool Size : inch(mm) 8 or 12 inch(203 or 305 mm)  
Weight : lb(Kg) 44 lb(20 Kg)
Dimensions Including Handle(D , W , H): inch(mm) 21.2 x 9.6 x 17.5 inch(540 x 245 x 445 mm)


Area of Use

  • Aerospace
  • Aluminum Industries
  • Automotive Parts and Bodies
  • Passenger Car Industries
  • Training school
  • Metal Building
  • Medical Industries
  • Railcar
  • Boat/Yacht
  • Shipbuilding
  • Light Fabrication
  • Food Industries and High Purity Processing
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Installation
  • Restoring
  • Maintenance and repair-field operation
  • Plumbing & HVAC
  • Civil Construction
  • Infrastructure & roofing
  • Work/Service Trucks
  • Farm and Ranch

Weldable Metals

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Chrome Moly
  • Titanium
  • Copper

2 reviews for MIG PULSE (MULTI PROCESS) 202

  1. Gregory

    (Full disclosure, this honest review was collected as part of a promotion)

    Seems to be a very solid well built machine. I bought this as a novice welder for home hobby use and wanted a non-Chinese welder that was multi-process, could do aluminum with a spool gun and required less training as I didn’t have much time as a busy parent.

    I did quite a bit of research and was bouncing between the Lincoln and Esab offerings at this price. They didn’t offer pulse and synergic and thus would be more time consuming to learn.

    CSA approval and local support were make or break deal breakers for me.

    Even though this is more a “made in Canada with domestic and imported components” I’m totally fine with that. Just keeping a few more jobs in Canada. And since the rest of it is either a CEA Digistar/treostar that’s made in Italy and guns made in Holland, there’s some good quality here at a fair price point for my uses.

    Lots of videos released by Canaweld and it seems pretty personable for support.

    It hasn’t been used yet but I’m confident the only problems will be operator!

    Few concerns I had:

    1) spelling problems galore on the printed material
    2) limited reviews. I realize now many of them were gathered via promotions. Not terrible, and the fact there were no downright negative reviews was enough for me
    3) questions about capabilities. The CEA Treostar this resembles most has dual pulse capabilities. The manual mentions dual pulse as being a setting, one of the videos doesn’t show any dual pulse settings, and the inside chart on the box doesn’t show dual pulse. Dual pulse would’ve been ideal for aluminum but I see the CEA Treostar is pretty expensive. This may be a CEA Digistar internally.
    4) wish it had 120vac capabilities. Not a deal breaker as I will mostly be using it at home but that would’ve been a good value add.

    Anyways, very keen on using it and I trust the support and warranty if there’s any problems

  2. Joseph

    Highly recommended.

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