CM-P501 MIG Torch is built from the highest-quality material and is one of the most powerful air-cooled torches in the market. It has been tested to adhere to the international standards. Because of its power, we can eliminate the cooling system for many of the MIG welding machines, which results in less maintanance and service fees as well as less costs.




MIG Welding Torch Air Cooled (4M): CWGPN 500 A-40ER

#  Part Number Description
 1 CWPA5029 Nozzle Cylindrical
 2 CWJ45-1.2 Contact Tip
 3 CWPA5003 Gas Diffuser
 4 CWPA5004-W Nozzle Retaining Washer
 5 CWPA5004 Insulator
 6 CWPA5005N Tip Adaptor
 7 CWLS-PN5001 Swan Neck Assembly
 8 CWLW1515 Handle Location Body
 9 CWG8016-BK Handle Cable Support C/W Ball Jiont
 10 CWSTH500-40E Cable Assembly x 4MT
10-1  CWLW35  Copper ferrule
 10-2  CWN14MM  Cable End
 10-3  CW12MM  Cable End
 11  CWB1521  Cable Terminal
 12  CWB1521-C  Cable Terminal Cover
 13  CWDMNS  Screw Kit
 14  CWDM0-Y  op Housing With Grip
 15  CWXCELG2515-KJ  Handle with Lock Nut
 16  CWBGH2516M-Y  Trigger
 17  CWC8026  Housing Spring
 18  CWB1522  Cable Terminal Male
 19  CWT8028  Spring Cable Support Nut
 20  CWSC8017  Large Housing Cover
 21  CWPT5022  Gun Plug Housing Assembly
 22  CWB1526  Gun Plug Screw
 23  CWB1519/S  Euro Housing Nut Assembly
 24  CWXL1542  Cable End Lock Nut
 25  CWPE1122  Gun Plug Body C/W Spring Pins
 26  CWB1524  Gun Plug “O"Ring
 27 CWPA3535-40 Steel Liner x 4MT 1.0-1.4mm
 28  CWPE1122-2  Liner Stem