CM-B555W MIG Torch is built from the highest-quality material and is one of the most powerful water-cooled torches in the market. It has been tested to adhere to the international standards.



Ergo Torch Package (4M): CW5550-40ER

#  Part Number Description
 1 CW34A Adjustable Nozzle Insulator
 2 CWLS-TW4 Swan Neck Assembly
 3 CWG1515 Ergo Handle Location Body
 4 CWB1505 Lock Nut
 5 CWG8016-BK Handle Cable Support C/W Ball Joint
 6 CWB1521-C Cable Terminal Cover
 7 CWB1521 Cable Terminal
 8 CWSTH400-10E
Cable Assembly X 10ft
Cable Assembly X 12ft
Cable Assembly X 15ft
 9 CWG2514-BK Handle and Lock Nut Assembly
 10 CWG2516 Medium/Large Ergo Trigger
 11 CWB2517 Hanger Hook (Optional Extra)
 12 CWPA3541 Cable Support
 13 CWB1522 Cable Terminal Male
 14 CWXL1542 Cable End Lock Nut (M12 X 1.0)
 15 CWSCSP1-1 Handle Screw
 16 CWSC2578/L Gun Plug Housing
 17 CWBL 1541 Gun Plug Screw
 18 CWC 1519/S Gun Plug Nut
 19 CWB 1523 Gun Plug Terminal Female
 20 CWC 174EX-1 TWC Euro Gun Plug Body
 21 CWB 1524 Gun Plug ‘O’ Ring
 22 CWXL 1826 Liner Retaining Nut

Cable Parts

# Description Part# (3M) Part# (4M) Part# (5M)
 4 Outer Liner Assembly CWS5508-30 CWS5508-40 CWS5508-50
 5  Gas Hose Assembly  CWB5013-30  CWB5013-40  CWB5013-50
6  Water Inlet Hose Assembly  CWB5012-30  CWB5012-40  CWB5012-50
 7  Power Cable Assembly  CWS5515-30  CWS5515-40  CWS5515-50
 8  Switch Lead Assembly  CWB5010-30  CWB5010-40  CWB5010-50