The Canadian Council of the International Institute of Welding (CCIIW)

This is a free site making available reports from Canadian members attending the international meetings of the IIW. Canada plays an active role in improving welding technology and safety throughout the world.


The Canadian Welding Association (CWA)

This site keeps members of the welding community aware of upcoming meetings of local committees in your area as well as provides information on events, activities of interest to welders, engineers, and others in the welding community.


The CWA Foundation

The CWA Foundation is a large contributor to welding education in Canada including funding and managing summer Mind Over Metal Camps to schools and organizations to get young students interested in a career in welding.


The CWB Group

The CWB Group is an industry-supported private-sector organization providing welding certification, management systems registration and training services to over 7600 companies in 34 countries. Supported by the Canadian Welding Bureau, CWB Institute, QUASAR, and the Canadian Welding Association membership, the CWB Group provides a comprehensive and integrated service to the welding and joining the industry.


CSA Communities of Interest

Provides information on all activities and standards maintained by the Canadian Standards Association, has a section for members only but after a sign in and registration is available to members of the public. An opportunity to get involved in the various activities of CSA is provided. Forum conversations are available here.

Standards Council of Canada (SCC)  

To prepare standards for electrical safety matters related to the construction, installation, and use of equipment for electric welding and allied processes in both normal and adverse welding environments, taking into account all aspects of safety for protection from electrical hazards.
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