Since the 1970’s, Canaweld’s founders have been actively involved in research & development, production and sales in welding as well as cutting industry. They have registered many patents and even established new standards in welding industry.

While working with welding standards, a connection with IEC was made as a member of the technical committee (TC 26) of ” International Electrotechnical Commission “ (IEC). This is the world’s leading organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies.

As the years went by, we decided to start a business in Canada using our vast experience in materials and quality control, designing, assembling, testing, standardization, research & development as well as marketing all from our roots. Finally, the decision to start a manufacturing facility was born.

Canaweld started to manufacture simple but reliable Inverter stick welding machines in the beginning.

Soon after, the company became an expert of the Technical Committee of CSA (Canadian Standard Association), responsible for establishing and modification of welding and cutting machines standards in Canada. This includes harmonizing CSA and UL with IEC Standards.

Later, Canaweld began producing high tech Pulsed TIG welding, Pulse MIG welding and plasma machines, now starting manufacturing programmable multi-process welding machines with the use of LCD panels.

Canaweld is at the forefront of the welding industry. Currently we are working on new programmable machines with the latest innovating software, a goal we hope to accomplish in the near future.

Canaweld products are amongst the best in the world in terms of quality. The materials used in our machines are the finest available in market and each machine comes with a 3-year warranty. Our test procedure is very strict and our expectations are higher than the required standard. According to International Standards, machines have to be tested at 40° C ( 104° F ), but Canaweld tests it’s machines at both 40° as well as 50° C (122° F) . By doing so, we are ensuring that our machines will continue to function even in higher temperature countries. All machines are only packaged and shipped when they pass through the strict mandatory testing