All You Need To Know About TIG Welders

TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas, after the tungsten electrode, and the sheath of inert gas (argon or an argon mixture) surrounding it.

TIG welders are primarily used for joining two pieces of metal, so as to create one cohesive unit. The intense heat causes metal to melt on edges and then cool compactly. TIG welders create welds that are superior in terms of appearance and quality.

TIG welding is used for almost all aluminum work pieces that require exemplary execution. The electric arc is formed between a tungsten electrode and the metal surface, the result being a very clean weld without any signs of oxidation. However, it’s important for the welders to check the shielding gas flow as its essential to ensure great results.

TIG welding is an automatic or semi-automatic process that allows the creation of continuous long and durable welds that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. The best gas shield required by TIG welding is helium, argon or their mixture since, in association, these two chemicals increase the welding speed and the power of the process for deep work piece usage.

However, argon is a welders’ favorite gas where TIG welding is concerned; the explanation for this preference lies in the density of the gas, which is heavier than air – and its high quality coverage.

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